FAQs about registering

Hi, TEDxChesterRiver-ers!

A few things you might want to know about registering:

1. You do need to register at Eventbrite one at a time. Sorry for the extra work, but we ask a few personal questions for each individual’s attendee badge.

2.  Want two tickets or more? Don’t worry, they are (still) available. You and your friend will need to register one at a time, so we have information for each individual’s attendee badges.

3.  Wondering about sitting together? Here’s how seating at TEDxChesterRiver (and a lot of other TED events) works: Seating is unassigned. When you arrive, pick up your attendee badge and introduce yourself to other TEDx-ers. From 1:15 to 1:30, the doors to the theatre will open, and you and your friends are welcome to find seats together, if you wish.

During breaks, we ask that everyone leave the theater, and re-enter again for the next session. You likely will have different seats, but that’s a good thing. Half the fun of a TEDx event is meeting other attendees. New seats will introduce you to new people.

Still want to be with your buddies? Not a problem. Just re-enter with your friends and look for seats together.

More questions? Write to Elise at TEDxChesterRiver@gmail.com.

Thanks, and please sign up soon! And I hope we have the chance to meet,