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Featured Speakers

TEDxChesterRiver is scheduled as a half-day event, beginning at 1:00 in the afternoon. Currently we have on our roster:

Wayne GilchrestEnvironmentalist/Teacher, Fmr. Member, U.S. House of Representatives Learning by Being There A self-described “political has-been,” former congressman Wayne Gilchrest served in the U.S. House of Representatives for 18 years. Today, he remains a committed environmentalist and educator for the people of the Eastern Shore. His topic: the need to learn about the world, by being out in the world.
Gabrielle TayacHistorian, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Regenerating the Wicomiss Society What if the native Wicomiss of Chester River had never encountered the colonists? What if they had thrived to become a modern culture and civilization? What would Chestertown look like in this alternative universe in the 21st century? Let’s imagine it!
Bryan MatthewsDirector of Athletics, Assoc. Dev. Officer at Washington College College as a Family Affair: Navigating the Maze  Matthews tells his personal story of finding a way to success in college for his own sons, and for the thousands of students he’s worked with through the years. Should parents even be in the picture? Or is college time to cut the cord?
 Dr. Carol Christian Space Telescope Science Institute The Scale of Our Understanding It’s a big, complicated universe. Our human size is minuscule in comparison. Yet we dare to believe our minds are up to understanding everything from cosmic scale to the scale of the sub-atomic particles that rule our existence. Can it be done?
John ShieldsChef, Author and Culinary Ambassador of the Chesapeake Bay. The 21st Century Chesapeake Kitchen Can we eat our way back to restoring the health of our Bay and our bodies? How about our local economies? Shields invites us on his culinary tour.
Matthew RutherfordExplorer, Sailor, Volunteer for Chesapeake Regional Accessible Boating What I Did on My Summer Vacation On April 21st, Matt sailed into Annapolis harbor, marking a record-setting 309-day, 27,077-mile sail around the Americas, solo and non-stop. Hear how—and why—he did it.
Kwame Shaka OparePerformer/Instructor, Department of Dance, U. of Md, College Park Uneducating the Miseducation of African American Youth  Opare uses “the triumph of disruption” and the power of dance to open the eyes of young people to possibilities.
Jen FriedmanActress, comedienne, student, and ARC associate How to Belong on the Stage  Fear of being on stage is one of the greatest phobias of all human beings. What makes Jen so different? Perhaps ruthless honesty and humor, combined with a healthy distaste for off-stage reality.
Meg OlmertHuman–Animal Bond Author & Expert, Director of Research & Development for Warrior-Canine Connection, Inc. Made for Each Other  What do ancient cave paintings and 21st century neuroscience have in common? They both explain why animals have always been essential to our wellbeing. Join Meg on a journey to the past, the present and the future of the human-animal bond.
Joe Fino Zombie Enthusiast and Technologist Can Technology Help Us Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse? Longtime undead-ologist Joe Fino acquaints you with the cutting-edge technology available today that just might save your brains in the days to come.
 Paul Reed Smith Paul Reed Smith Guitars, LP Where We Belong in Life and Society  Master guitarist Paul Smith talks about where and how we, as individuals, fit into our world.
Corey OlsenAssistant Professor of English Washington College Down the Hobbit Hole  When Corey Olsen began podcasting as the Tolkien Professor, he discovered a fantastic new world opening before him at the crossroads of technology and academia. Let’s do a deep dive and take a look around.

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